Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fabric Chain Garland

While preparing for our fourth year birthday celebration we are of course pulling out all the classic party decor.. our HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner, the cheery party bunting/pennants... But we also wanted some fresh trimming too and when Janelle mentioned this idea she'd seen I knew I had to give it a try.
It was, as I expected, extremely fun and relatively easy to execute. After a few trial and errors with the chain size I finally got the look I wanted... Here is what I did:

I used
12 different prints to make 6 pairings - 1/4 yard or 1 fat quarter of each
1 1/5 yards of WonderUnder
an iron
a rotary cutter and mat
needle and thread

First cut your WonderUnder into manageable more managable sizes.. 8.5"x11". The type I use is 17" wide so I simply cut 11" off and then cut down the center.

Next iron WonderUnder down onto one of your prints. Peel off paper backing and sandwich another print onto. With your rotary cutter, trim this new double sided fabric to 10" x 7.5" making certain that the WonderUnder continues to all edges, this will help cut down on fraying. Finally cut off 1.5" strips longways. This should then leave you with five 1.5" x 10" strips.

Continue this once or twice with each of your fabric pairings until you have a sizable stack of double sided fabric strips. I used 44 strips and ended up with approximately 11 feet of garland. 

Now take a strip and over lap the short ends about 1/4", sew together with a simple straight stitch.

Next take another strip and feed it through this first link.

Overlap the ends and sew. Continue in this fashion adding link to link.. building your fabric chain, paying attention to your colors and mix up your prints as you go.

I always love a garland... weather for a holiday or any day.. I think after the party this one will live in my room for awhile ;)

Happy crafting and hope to see you at our PARTY!!! 

This Saturday, 
March 10th from 10AM-5PM @ Sew To Speak
4610 N. High Street


Maureen Cracknell Handmade said...

So cute!!

Chase Clark said...

Very cute, and I love that it will last longer than a paper one - they always seem to get destroyed!

Julia @ Blue-J Cottage said...

Oh it's so fun! I too love garland :)

Julie said...

Love the garland... But so bummed that I am out of town for your 'birthday' party! Hope y'all have a grand time!!

Annette - MyRoseValley said...

What a great idea! Child no 1 always got all the attention needed, but now it seems like one b-day is following another and the balloon blowing kinda gets to you. This is a great way of decorating over and over again with the same props. I could make a couple of different ones and prep a "b-day" box in the attic... Just like for x-mas, Halloween, Easter... Thanks for sharing. :D
PS found you through Selwsewn... Nice.:D

Shanea said...

Wonderful idea. So cute!

Unknown said...

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