Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Every-Day and Joyful New-Year!

Hello friends,
Hope you all have had joyful and love filled days with your family and friends.
We are greatly looking forward to a New Year of service to you and to our sewing community. There are many wonderful things coming up, two that I am particularly excited about. The first: Over 20 prints of Anna Maria Horner's gorgeous NEW line Good Folks (oh, look at this too!), due to arrive January '09! and second our Shoppe is gonna have it's first Birthday! February '09. Yippy :)

Happy New-Year,
From your friends at Sew To Speak.

P.S. My apologies for not yet sharing pictures of the winning sheep. I will be posting some soon, I promise. But first things first... my baby's got a flu bug we've gotta nip. When it's safe to come out of quarantine we'll be going straight to the shoppe to visit Grammy, feed my fabric addiction and snap some pictures of those winning sheep.

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