Friday, January 30, 2009

The GOOD FOLKS are here!!

Only a few gray days ago, our dearly loved UPS man rolled up to our front door. His dolly brought in slippery tracks of slush and salt but this didn't matter so much once we saw who he brought with him. It's the "Good Folks" by Anna Maria. Twenty-one new beautiful prints. Bright blooms cheerfully alluding to the Spring to come.

What divine timing. Seeing as how much of Columbus is all gray/brown and icy these days. We needed a heavy saturation of color. And who better to deliver color then the brilliant designer Anna Maria Horner.

Certainly I couldn't go home without a happy little pile of my own.

Here's to new projects and neglected house work! :)
Your shoppe blogger,


Jill Elaine said...

Ok, I'm already plotting how I'm going to pull off another trip to Columbus soon! Gotta see all that new fabric!
hope to see you soon!

figgys said...

All of your choices are gorgeous!
I hope to gather just one more stack before we leave for Oregon!