Friday, June 26, 2009

Aelyn Says:

"happy"and "Yuv you gammy"

In other words...
If you find yourself near the shoppe in the next few days be sure to stop in and say Happy Birthday to my Grammy!

Happy Birthday Anita
We yuv you!!!


Cristin said...

Aw cute :-) Aelyn looks like a sunny little cherub. Fun rainbow shirt too!

erin said...

Happy Birthday Anita! Aelyn knows she's cute, doesn't she? She looks so ornery and Oh my, don't I just love that shirt. Does it come in adult sizes?

random notes said...

Hello from Saluda, NC. Your shop looks great and the pictures of everything are so well done. Wish I were closer so I could snatch up some fat quarters of anna maria horner drawing room collection.

amanda said...

I stopped by the shoppe today, but you're not there... well anyway, happy birthday anita!