Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Customer Showcase: Sarah!

A few months ago, Sarah came in to our shoppe with her mother Lisa and younger sister Hannah. They were looking for materials for her 4-H sewing project. Sarah chose a great black and white print by Alexander Henry, perfectly suited for the jacket pattern she wanted to make.

Just this past week, much to our delight, we received an e-mail from Lisa. In it she attached this great photo of Sarah modeling her completed project. She also told us that the lovely young lady, age 15, won an Outstanding of the Day at the the Ohio State Fair as well as the Fayette County Fair.

Good job Sarah!!!
Keep up the great sewing!

This is the first of many....
We have often said how we love seeing what all our customers create as well as hearing about their shopping experiences and sewing stories. Now, we have decided to randomly showcase (monthly or perhaps even more often) the customers and stories that we feel must be shared with the masses.
You too can share with us, via flickr, e-mail or comment (you could even send us a link to a specific blog post you've writen).


erinann said...

That jacket is fantastic!! Sarah has a very bright sewing future ahead of her!!

erin said...

Wow, Sarah! The coat is great! Congratulations!

Anita Bowman said...

From Sarah, Our current Star!
I am 15 years old and I have been sewing with a machine since I was 9, I started hand sewing when I was 7. I enjoy sewing purses, mittens, hats... accessories mainly.

My jacket pattern was McCalls M5525. The jacket was fairly easy. The main thing I had trouble with were the sleeves. I sewed them inside-out a couple times. Another thing is to be careful hemming the sleeves. I pulled the lining too tight a few times, which cause the sleeve to lay wrong.

Competing at the Fayette County Fair and the Ohio State Fair is lots of fun. During county judging we go through an interview process where we tell the judge about our outfit. I normally tell them the hardest part, where I messed up, what I would change, where I am planning on wearing it and why I like my outfit. During the interview they examine the construction and quality of our garment. Afterwards we get to model our outfit onstage before an audience (mainly family & friends). This year I was lucky enough to be selected to represent my county at the Ohio State Fair for 2 clothing projects: Frugal Fashion and Spectator Sportswear. I won Outstanding of the Day in both categories at the state fair. This is a huge accomplishment considering every county can only send one person in each category and only about 10% of the projects judged receive outstandings.
I also spent 4 days at the Ohio State Fair serving on the State 4-H Fashion Board. I was part of a small group of 4-H teens selected from across the state who have excelled in 4-H Clothing Projects. We were basically in charge of running the logistics of the clothing judgings during the State Fair. It was an awesome experience. I would strongly encourage any young person age 9-18 to join 4-H. It is a wonderful program.

Although I love to sew, I don't plan on making a career out of it. I am constantly changing my mind about what I want to do in the future, so I'll tell you the current ones. At the moment I am deciding between dermatology and law school. But I also am considering being a music teacher, chemist or orthodontist. Crazy, I know! But I am young and have many years to figure out what will truely bring me the most joy.

Jennifer Paganelli said...

I want one!!

Cristin said...

What a stinkin' cute jacket! LOVE the fabric choice :-) I wish I started sewing at 15 instead of 25!
Well done Sarah!