Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Shoppe Birthday

2 Years!

Our little shoppe has come so far and grown so much. Just as the growth of a baby soars within the first two years of life, so has our beloved shoppe, Sew To Speak. 

Starting out with a only a few suppliers now we have dozens. Where we first had only quilting cotton prints and a few printed home dec fabrics now we have many, many more. Linens, wools, silks, knits, organics, flannels, laminates, and felt, to name a few. 

We once had to work to make the shelves look full, now we have to work to find new places to fit it all! 

It was once just Anita working the sales floor with myself (April) helping out as I could and working mostly behind the scenes. Now we have four amazing employees! Janelle, Megan, Emily, and Sheila. Each one brings a unique, fresh spark and ideas all her own. Wow! These beautiful women are indispensable to our business. We feel so lucky to have them. 

In the beginning there weren't even classes, just the hopeful space and the idea of what could be. Then the teachers came. First just a few talented women and now so many. They offer classes for every level of sewer, with projects to suit anyone's style. Teaching the joy and art of sewing, a service that we are privileged and thrilled to provide as well as learn form. 

And then there's you, our wonderful customers. Once Anita knew you all by name...  and now there so many of you that we just can't keep track, though she still tries! Once all our costumers resided in Columbus or at least nearby, now we have customers across the globe through this blog and our web-store!

It would be nothing without all of you. Serving you is and will always be our purpose. Thank you for a great first two years.


Erin said...

Happy birthday sweet little sew to speak shoppe! I hope to eventually break out of the burbs and come visit you one of these days. :)

Melissa said...

Congratulations on all your hard earned successes.

mikaysmom said...

Happy Birthday! Can't wait to drive down to see that awesome shoppe you have.

Andrea Baker said...

Happy Happy Birthday!

Jill Elaine said...

Oh you make me want to come over right now! Hopefully I will get to make a trip to your lovely shop sometime this summer!
keep the pics coming, so fun to see your new stuff;)

rosine said...

Your shop is way to far for me (FRANCE) but it sounds like a place to go, i love your fabric choices!:)