Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Classes At Sew To Speak

I updated our classes page yesterday and just wanted to let you know!
Some new descriptions and new calendars for April and May have been added!

We have some NEW classes, like The Collette Dress, Beginner's Messenger Bag, Cog and Wheel Quilt... 
and many more dates for our classic classes, the ones that people just can't seem to get enough of, like Intro To Machine Sewing, Beginner's Tote Bag, Barcelona Skirt, and Personal Fit. You can also expect even more new and classic classes to be offered this summer, including some great things for kids/teens.

Our classes have really taken off and we are so pleased at the response we've gotten. We've even had to start wait lists for many... so if there is one you are particularly interested in we urge you to call right away.

A big thanks to all our lovely, dedicated teachers.
Michelle, Pat, Heather, Sheila, Mary and April (yay, thats me). Thank you all for sharing your love of sewing!  :)

And finally, if you've taken a class and you feel moved to comment, please do! I'm sure our teachers would love to hear your feedback and how you're using what you've learned.

Have a great Thursday.


Tanya said...

do you offer on line classes?

Millie said...

Thanks to Michelle for staying with me a little late yesterday while I finished my wallet in the Intro to Sewing Class. I fell a little behind and she was a sweetheart about it. She waited till I finished and stayed with me till my ride arrived. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I can't say enough good things about the classes at Sew to Speak. I've taken several and had a great experience every time. The teachers are helpful, meet everyone at their level, and make everyone feel comfortable. I've loved the way the classes have built my confidence for projects on my own. Thanks Sew to Speak!!!