Sunday, April 18, 2010

Email Satisfaction

Toward the tail end of last year my mom started talking to me about changing the way we sent out our shoppe newsletters. Until just a little over 4 months ago they where completely composed of text (without any images) and went mostly to our local shoppers, all of whom had signed up through walking in and actually "signing" up to receive our letters (now you can sign up through our webstore). My mom had to send them out in a very monotonous way, in small email groups from her own personal e-mail account. As more and more people signed up that method became inefficient. Then after the launch of our webstore we knew we had to go bigger.
I thought this might be something we'd have to hire our web guy to do. I was intimidated by the gorgeous newsletters of Anna Maria and other leading shops, but Mom said "I know you can do it."
Now, after sending out the fourth "new" newsletter, I must say I'm feeling really proud. I'm proud of us, of our little shoppe, and I'm pretty proud of little old me. I had zero knowledge of Dreamweaver, or any web design exsperience before starting this venture, and I still have very little technical "know how", but I am. I'm doing it :)

Satisfaction... thats what I feel. The satisfaction of accomplishing something I believed to be beyond my capabilities.

Too often I think "oh wow, I'd really like to do something like that..." Followed by "no, you couldn't do that April..." So next time I hope I can remember to look back to this as an example that maybe I can. I want to think to myself "yes you can," or at least "you'll never know until you try."
I hope the same for you, when you find yourself in a moment of self-doubt.

Then once we all try and we actually do what ever it was we thought we could not, we can say to our selves "yay! look what you did (self)!" or "wow, that wasn't that hard" or even "that was pretty fun." Then maybe next time trying something new won't be so intimidating.

Happy Sunday. 

P.S. I've just figured out how to put our newsletter online so that you are able to view it even if you choose not to be on our email list.


Sara Saldoff said...

The newsletter is adorable and it worked on me! I got it on Friday and came over the shop to sign up for a class and to get some of the new fabric you highlighted.

Grace Hester Designs said...

April, I have to say that the simple and clean aesthetic and subtle graphics are what I find truly appealing about your newsletter. Keep up the great work!

I personally use MailChimp and they've been a dream to work with.

boltandfrolic (Ellen Brynn Eder) said...

Great post, thank you for your encouragement + inspiration. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by all that needs to be done to accomplish intimidating projects : )
I love all your photos, tutorials + sweet simplicity of your site and newsletter. I'm looking forward to taking one of your classes!