Thursday, April 1, 2010


Well the Shoppe's second birthday party was a major success.

We had a very big turn out and gave away gobs of great fabric! It was such a joy to watch people as they came to claim their prizes. The whole shoppe team was able to be there (including helpers Anne and Martha) and thank goodness for that. We were all needed. It was pretty crowded and somewhat chaotic that day, but in the very best and most festive way possible.
My wonderful dad and sister brought us all a homemade lunch. We took turns, some helping customers while the others snuck away to enjoy the picnic style lunch they set up of us. It was so kind. Plus there were lovely desert and refreshments for all to enjoy, including these delicious and adorable mini cupcakes, homemade by our dear shoppe friend Anne. Anne is an amazing and generous baker, not to mention all around beautiful person. She and her husband are great family friends and Anne willingly makes a cake for every single birthday in our family!

Some customers even brought birthday cards, gifts and flowers! :) 
Sadly I didn't shoot many photos, but after the festivities died down a bit we were able to get our Anne to snap a great group shot of the Sew To Speak team.

From left: Janelle, April (me), Anita, Megan and Emily. Our sixth, Sheila had left a few hours before.

This last shot was taken a few days later.. with the space still adorned in our party decor.

I wish I had shot some pictures during the party to show just how jam packed it was. It would have been fun to share with you, but those of you who were there, know.
Thanks for coming out. And thanks for all of the kind happy birthday wishes via the blog, twitter and facebook too!

'til next time,
:) April

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