Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lovely Little Henry

I loved being able to work in the shoppe today, while my own little toddler got some much needed mommy free playtime.
I loved eating Northstar for lunch.
I love our city.
I love our neighborhood.
I love watching people.
I love spotting crafters. Seeing a bag, a skirt, a dress, a toddler shirt, someone made, with their hands.
I love knowing the genuine sense of self worth that making things brings.
I love knowing that we are serving and so connected to our community. This wonderfully talented community of creators.

I love the definition of the word creator;
creator |krēˈātər|noun 
a person or thing that brings something into existence.

I love meeting our sweet customers while out and about.
I love commenting on their wares.

And I love this little Henry. In his electric blue glasses. The ridiculous cuteness!!!
And that great shirt! I know that fabric. I know that pattern.
I had to say something.

And then his wonderful mommy (and shirt maker) Alex let me take his picture!

I only wish I had had my real camera with me, I'm still not quite comfortable with my new phone cam. A bit blurry but it did the job.
And I love it!

Thanks Henry!


Alex said...

It was great meeting you April! I am rather proud of that shirt. I only wish I'd bought more of the fabric so I could make my partner a shirt to match! Twin-sees! The picture of Henri in the sunglasses is great!- Alex

Amanda said...

JUST found your blog, AND store, AND i'm in Columbus! "excited" is an understatement!

i posted all about my fabulous new find on my own blog.

hope to visit soon!


Nessa said...

I am a huge fan of the store - and I have blogged about it a few times... but I am posting about the bag I made in your class tomorrow!!

I can't wait to take and make more!