Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Craft A Kitty!

Holiday Softie Contest!

Some of you may remember our previous softie contests, last years Make a Mouse or 2008's Sew a Sheep. They were both so much fun and now it's time to do it again! This years theme: Craft a Kitty!

Here's how it works: Craft a Kitty and bring him or her in to Sew To Speak by December 4th. We will have customers, including you, vote for their favorite cat. On December 18th, from 2-5pm we will host a Holiday Party, the votes will be tallied, winners will be announced and prizes given.

The official Contest Rules:
1. Kitty's must be sewn. They can have other embellishments (embroidery, crochet, and etc.) but the body must be sewn.
2. They can be as small as you like but no bigger than 30 inches long.
3. You can use a pattern, book or create your own softie.
4. Softies must stay at the shoppe until Saturday, January 8th and then they are yours to take home.
5. Your cat must be given a name, so we know what to call them.
6. All entries must be in by close (5pm) Saturday, December 4th.

1st place will take home a $50 gift certificate
2nd place a $25 gift certificate
3rd place a $25 gift certificate

The cats featured here were made by Martha West using The Three Faces of Steve cat pattern from the book Denyse Schmidt Quilts.

We can't wait to meet your cats and kittens!
You can bring them in as soon as you like (officially due December 4th), we love to see them gather.


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