Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Home Again, Home Again

Back from Market, I'm still a bit tired, yet far more inspired! Tortured by all the wonderful things I saw and want to sew.
To add to the great torture, I came home to my sewing space (our unfinished second floor) entirely dissembled, in boxes, stacked and scattered between the dinning room, living room and basement. I had at least received cellphone pics of these goings on from my husband, to warn me of what I was coming home to.

Being that we've planned to do this major renovation for years, I am very excited! But man, I really wanna sew right now!!! Luckily I brought back some very fun hand sewing books and projects. We've also already received a book that includes lots of great hand sewing fun, Scandinavian Stitches.

 Also in the hand work realm, we finally met and ordered from the brilliant creator of Penguin & Fish, Alyssa. She designs the cutest embroidery patterns. We will be receiving some precious animal embroidery patterns from her in the near future, including that great hedgehog hanging on the wall (blown up to 400%).

I just can't wait until all the goodies arrive!

Nor can I wait for my sewing room to be reassembled so I can sew the great stuff that is already here! Holidays are just around the corner and my list is pretty long! EEkkk!

I'll share more from Market with you soon, 



Beth said...

I loved these projects, too! Think of the embroidery you can get done while renovations are happening!

andrea creates said...

Great stuff! The Scandinavian Stitches book looks really fun.
I stopped by the shop Monday~and got a whole bunch of things to be creative with :)

Flamingo K (aka Karen Schurr) said...

Just learned of store and your site so I'm your newest follower. Gotta tell you, I simply fell in love with the hedgehog. Been thinking of starting a hand embroidery project soon....I'll just have to stop by the store to get some more ideas. --Karen