Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another Great Taste of Market... via AMY

or alternatively titled: WOW! 

After receiving the 3 huge boxes of Amy Butler's brilliant samples, all we could think was "Wow!" and then  "Where the heck are we gonna put all this gorgeous stuff!" 

But after strategically scattering the beautiful pieces about the shoppe.. they are starting to settle in. 

The 27 piece trunk show gives a great taste of what her loaded Quilt Market booth was like. 


So come in, see, feel and aww, as we have been!
And drive safe in this lovely winter weather.  

Happy Sewing,


Andrée Lachapelle said...

It's really rare that I feel jealous... but I covet, how I covet!

Anonymous said...

Hi. First time on your blog. I love the cupcake pin cushions. Have you shared how to make them?

April Rhodes said...

Thanks!! :)
The cupcakes were actually just a sample/display we had in the shoppe awhile back. They can be found in the book Warm Fuzzies.