Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ordering Henry from Home

The power is out at the shoppe today, which in fact lead us to a familiar scenario;

My childhood home, Anita (Mom) and myself, a man named Dave, our dinning room table, 3 cups of coffee, and one giant black book of Alexander Henry.

Yep, that's exactly how it all started, over 3 years ago, before our little shoppe door had ever opened.
Our very first buying session. We jumped right in, ordering what we loved, knowing little about what might sell.  Hoping people would appreciate our choices.

Now, only a short time later, we find we are just as opinionated as ever, giggly as usual and truly blessed to know that so many people agree with our picks in fabric. Because, though it's one of the funnest parts of the job, a session with a sales rep can also be quite anxiety producing.
But for the love of fabric, we'll keep ordering!

So anyways,  here's some shots of what we ordered today:
FYI: These are all summer arrivals, due some time in June or July, but hopefully this little sneak peak will warm you up on this icy day.

We hope you like :)


andrea creates said...

how fun it sounds to order from the catalogue-and yes i know i love your store's selections :)
hope your power comes back on soon-it sure is cold out!!

Monique said...

I absolutely LOVE that first fabric! i can't wait until it is in the shop.

Anita Bowman said...

April's eye for great fabric is one of the keys to our shoppe being a success. As Aelyn would say, "Good job." Love you!

Anonymous said...

Love the snails, cats on chairs, and mice.

Anonymous said...

The cats and mice are too, too cute. And are those snails? I'm squinting to see b/c I must get a preview! And the ribbonesque last design gives me lots of ideas for projects.

Thanks for taking care of us!


Anonymous said...

Hello !

I look forward to hearing that the new fabrics will be available !
Shall we informed via your newsletter ?
Have a nice day