Monday, April 11, 2011

Appleville Season Preview

I received a call from Ali at Robert Kaufman Fabrics a few weeks ago. She had heard that we hosted Suzy Ultman as a guest fabric designer in our shoppe. She wondered if she could send us a bundle of Suzy's new collection, Appleville. FREE FABRIC!! Are you kidding me? Just tell me what I need to do. She asked if we would make up some samples with the fabric. We could pick the samples we wanted to make and then just post a blog in it. Sure, anything for free fabric!

Well, Emily, Janelle and Mary made samples. And they get the free fabric out of the deal, too. I had too much fun playing outside over the weekend and didn't get my sample done.

Here is a look at the fabric. I just adore it, so bright and fun.

I will be sharing the items that Janelle, Mary and Emily created over the next few days. They all turned out sweet. But how can you go wrong with great fabric and creative sewers?

First Emily....
Her fabric art piece in a hoop is so lovely and bright. The pony tail girl actually reminds me of Emily. I love all the stitching she did around the pieces. Maybe she will sell this to me.

Enjoy and look for Appleville to show up at Sew To Speak someday soon. Anita

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Elegantpaws said...

I love that collection of fabric, so gorgeous!
The embroidery hoop with appliqued pieces is a beautiful idea, I'll have to try it sometime. Thanks for the inspiration! x