Saturday, April 30, 2011

An Eye for Fabric

I wrote a few poems when I was young but I haven't written one since Freshman English at Whitehall Yearling High. I loved my teacher. He was way smart and cute. He encouraged my creativity. In the years that followed I did not write any poems. My creativity was directed toward sewing... dresses and later quilts. (Thinking about a quilt right now, inspired by my friend Joseph from Toastmaster and Mary Dugan and Janelle and April and Emily and too many to name).

I have not slept well this week. Laying awake one night, then two, then most of the week. Maybe I am excited about the new baby. Sure, we all are. Or maybe it's a psychic sort of sympathy for my daughter up all night nursing.

"Any Who", I wrote this poem at 4 AM Thursday. It was inspired by my grand daughter Aelyn who gave me the title and sang it as a rock song for me only. I am the one witness to her genius. I couldn't get her to sing it again. It is interestedly timely since the royal wedding was being televised in the wee hours and on the screen appeared this giant ferris wheel. Did anyone else see the shot of the Eye at 4 AM? I thought I was hallucinating from lack of sleep but I was not.

Meet Me At the Ferris Wheel

The Princess is afraid to sleep for what if she misses it
It goes round and round
Seated high up in the air is the Prince
And the Prince goes round and round
The lights, the colors, the vibrations are so
She coughs, “What if i miss it?”
Her chest is tight, she panics, she freaks out
Oh, the secret, she must take her little dog with her. Can she? He is afraid
Yes, he is afraid but she carries him. She holds him
It goes round and round
I am on my way. Get ready
The air is high but I can ride the ferris wheel for I am a breath of fresh air
They go round

Finally, I found that this Japanese Carnival fabric to very fitting with whole Royal theme and it has been sadly over looked at the shoppe. Maybe I can get Janelle to make an apron from it (wink wink).

Have Fun this weekend. Sew something? ;)

ps... I think Aelyn will like what came from her song. She is going to be a singer, I predict. Well she is already a singer but maybe she will choose to be famous someday. Or maybe she will marry into the royal family and never work after that. She is already a Princess to me. Her new sister is Princess Camilla, Baby Princess. Remember the one who got the bad wrap in England? She was not named after her. It is only a coincidence. I love her name.

pss..Hey April... I am enjoying doing the blog but come back soon I have stuff to get done.

psss... Thanks Janelle and Emily for correcting my mistakes this week. I will rest up and be ready to do my job on Monday.

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Beth said...

Anita, I didn't know you went to Whitehall! I am also a graduate of WYHS, and my dad wet there, too -- and taught in the district for 37 years!