Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mary Points to us

She's done it again. That Mary Dugan. Another gorgeous mouth watering quilt is hanging in the shoppe for us to gush over... it's like a delicious little baby you just want to snuggle and eat at the same time!!! The colors are like candy for my eyes! CANT. STAND. THIS.

The pattern is of course the Point Me quilt by Denyse Schmidt, but Mary has some great tips if your going to undertake this cute quilt and sham pattern... Check the following post in which she's writen about them on her blog...

above she talks about her method of basting and quilting.


An Even Easier Arrow....

in which she offers an even easier method for piecing the arrows!

Is'nt she awesome?!?! 
We think so!! 


Patchwork and Play said...

Mary is SO clever! You are very lucky having her work in your shoppe!! It's a great quilt and her technique makes it so do-able!!

Julie said...

isn't it wonderful? agreed... mary is a clever gal. so glad that i am luck to know her and get to gaze at her handiwork when i drop by the shop!

Mary said...