Monday, July 23, 2012

A foxy sort of day...

It started off with the post about Nigel and his awesome shirt... followed by my buying more of the white fox print for my own foxy garment and then finished by this little "Foxy Lady" craft with my girl Aelyn.

Aelyn turned five this past Saturday and today I set out to stitch something with her. She did quite well. She chose this fox from an older issue of Molly Makes that we have on our iPad. I printed it at 150% rather than the 200...and cut out all the paper pattern pieces for her. We pinned the pattern to the felt together. Then she cut around the paper while I helped hold it all steady. I cut the smaller pieces as they were much trickier. Than she wanted the foxes eyes to be blue and open rather than closed as theirs were and she also insisted upon limbs ;) which the original design was without. She first glued the little pieces to the face. I stitched the flower stem for her. She than stitched around the tail and body as I held it and help guide her along. She then stuffed it as I held and stitched it closed. We did it all in three sittings through out the course of the day and finished it just before bed time. Concluding with a photo shoot were she surprised me with her knowledge of depth of field. She sat the fox on one end of our dinning room table and went around to the other saying "take a picture with me here".... I said "I won't be able to see you very well back there" and she said "but I want to look small!"

Being that I studied a bit of photography way-back-when, I felt very proud at that moment. Proud of her thoughtfulness. Her composition. Her stitching. Her craftiness. And her adorable smile! (My only wish is that I'd gotten my real camera out instead of being silly and using my hipstamatic... but perhaps she'll let me take another photo tomorrow with the window open and the sunlight...)
Tonight she sleeps with her new friend.

Foxy Five and Fun!

G'nite foxes!