Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Suzy Snack Sacks and a VISIT!!!

Suzy Ultman will be visiting the shoppe this Saturday from 1-4PM. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet a local artist who's worked hard to get where she is and who's joyfulness and whimsy comes pouring through her craft. Suzy's work is unmistakably her own. She designs fabric for Robert Kaufman, has been published by Chronicle books, designed for Crate and Barrel and launched a very fun new line of dolls with Land of Nod!!

In preparation for her visit we've all been crafting fun little things using the fabric from her latest line, Handle with Care

You might remember the tea towels I made before her last visit.. Well, I once again wanted to make something useful for someone close so I decided to fashion Snack Sacks for my little girls lunches. We've really been trying to reduce our waist and also save a bit [$] and one idea we've embraced is skipping the zip-locks and using cloth pouches for snacks. We have a few already but it seems one (or all) of them is always in the wash cycle while I'm packing their lunches in the evening. Therefore I've been meaning to make more. 


They are very simple.... I start with 2 rectangles. I find starting with two 8"x14" rectangles (makes for a good sandwich size) or use two 6"x13" pieces (for smaller crackers and such). 

I sew the 2 pieces right sides together and leave a small opening for turning out. 

Once turned and pressed I attach my hook&loop (velcro) tape, 1/2" from the top edge on the lining side of the fabric and 1/2" from the bottom edge on the exterior side of the fabric. 
You could also use snaps or buttons if you prefer.. 

Next I fold the bottom up 5 1/2 - 6" ( matching up my velcro) press and pin.
Then I edge stitch from the bottom left corner across the left side over the top and down the right side finishing at the bottom right corner, back-tacking at the start and finish. 

The appliqués on the smaller pink sack were done using the same method as the tea towels in which I used wonder under to adhere them to the fabric before machine stitched around the raw edge!  

While I feel proud of their cuteness and can't wait to send them to school they'll be on display at the shoppe first. I had to hide them from my 5 year old or she'd want to use them right away. If I know her, once they're home she'll choose that pink one every time it's clean.

Finally, in case you didn't catch this info in our newsletter I've pasted it bellow... Note: the time is in-fact 1-4PM this Saturday! (not 3PM as I mistakenly announced in the newsletter). 

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Saturday, October 20th from 1-4PM
After placing our order for her latest line, Handle with Care, Anita and I delighted at the idea of having Suzy back to the shoppe, little did we know she was thinking the same and emailed us the very next day :) Truly serendipitous! And how lucky are we here in Columbus to have such a talented lady living right down the road!!
If you haven't yet met the local designer Suzy Ultman, you really need to come! And if you have, well then you'll want to come again because not only is she lovely but she also brings adorable giveaways of her paper goods and we'll have several bundles of her new fabric line fresh for the winning!!!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


elnorac said...

Sorry I can't attend this event, as it sounds so fun! Just kind of far from San Diego :) However, thanks for sharing about the gorgeous fabric and for giving the wonderful snack bag tutorial! I've been making/using little drawstring bags for the same purpose, but your design is much quicker and easier to sew. Thank you1

andrea creates said...

these are so cute!!

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