Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Who Is Responsible for This?

Who can I thank for this wonderful pattern? I know I thanked you when you first brought it to the shoppe but I want to thank you again because it is sooooo good! And simple! Your gift of the blanket pattern was written to be used with flannel. I think your name is Sally but it could have been Barb. You gave it to me along with showing me your sweet sample. I have given the pattern to countless people and I wanted to share it again. It's free but it's not my work so I didn't want to put it out to the world. Just stop in if you want a printed copy. And if you are the wonderful customer who gave it to me... "much obliged."

This one is made from a Japanese print and Moda Quilted Texture.

My friends Sonia and Jason are having there first baby, a girl. A group of women and men (yay for men at baby showers) at our church put on a lovely baby shower. I love that my church does bridal showers and baby showers. It takes the pressure off those of us who are in homes that need work (me). They send out the invitation to all the congregation, no exclusions. Jim didn't really want to go to the shower but I promised him they were serving lunch and that got him there.

This project started with a pot holder that Sonia spied in my kitchen. It had a matryoshka on it. April made it for me for a Christmas gift. She actually made me a set, 2 pot holders and an oven mitt but I burned the oven mitt on my electric stove (hey, I am used to gas. You can see when gas is on. I burned up many so things with those darn coils that we dc'd the smoke alarm). Anyway, Sonia saw the pot holder and loved the matryoshka doll on it. We had just gotten a re-order on our Japanese matryoshkas and I knew then I was going to make something out of it.

This little blanket is made from two pieces of fabric one 30" and one 40". The pattern says use two coordinating 2 yard pieces of flannel and you get two blankets with the pattern reversed on each. I chose the Moda Quilted Texture because of the obvious; texture and a quilted look without quilting. It is an amazing fabric. It is often over looked in the shoppe because before washing and drying it looks virtually flat and out of the dryer it poofs and scrunches and turns into a luscious fake quilt plus it is 100% cotton!

You can see the before and after effects of washing and drying. It comes in natural and white .

What baby gift would be complete without a Target gift card?

Sonia opened my gift first. There were some "Ahs" in the room and the look on her face was pretty sweet. She seemed to like it a lot. Her husband, Jason was sitting next to her and said, "Wow. This sets the bar pretty high." I don't know about that. I see fabulous quilts that you guys make all the time. And I know our friend, Savannah did something fabulous for them too... Jim and I ducked out of the shower early so I didn't get to see much else.

So really, this was an hour project that goes together beautifully. I love it for that and I was happy with how it turned out. I will make it again soon, probably with linen!! And one with the white Moda.

I think this combo of Japanese prints and leather colored linen would be sweet. Know anyone having a boy?
So if you are responsible for getting this pattern to me... Let me know. And anyone who wants the pattern... I'll make you a copy because the lady who gave it to me said I could share it. If you live out of Columbus and don't make it in the shoppe but want the pattern... send me a self addressed envelop stamped and I will mail it to you. Anita at Sew To Speak 4610 N. High St. Columbus 43214. Share the baby love!!


Anita said...

OMG... the gifter was Cindy Jopling. Just saw it on the last page of the instructions. Thanks Cindy!

jeanne marie said...

I like the Japanese fabric shown in this post towards the top. Is it still available for purchase?

Anita said...

Yes, The fabrics are all still available.

Tulips and Heather said...

The baby blanket you made was beautiful, Anita! So glad I got to see it in person, and I love the matryoshka print. I didn't get around to a handmade gift, but the outfit I bought was cute :)

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