Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Scarf Season is Here...

We just got in some amazing Japanese double gauze. The top three fabrics are voile but the bottom two are the cotton gauze. If you have never touched this fabric you are missing out. It is truly luscious. It is two layers of cotton gauze tacked together. It washes and dries in the machine carelessly.

 I just had to make an infinity scarf from the gauze and the weather is perfect for adding one to a blouse or tee shirt.

I chose the bottom one because I love gray but I may have to make another scarf from the big dotted fabric.
April sporting hers! 
I bought one and seven eighths (1 7/8) yards because I did not want to piece it and then I could make a second scarf for my sweet daughter. An infinity scarf is just a giant circle. It wraps twice around the neck. April and I are petite so I went with a lesser length. This fabric was perfect because it has a lovely "wrong" side. You can also use two fabrics to get the two sided look if you like.

Start with a cut of fabric 67 to 72 inches long by 18-22 inches wide. If using one fabric make a french seam to join the short ends and then finish the long edges with a rolled hem. If you use two fabrics you can join the short of ends of each fabric individually and then sew the two circles together right sides together. Be sure to leave an opening for turning. We teach this scarf in the shop... Sew To Speak Classes.

The double gauze is going out the door fast so stop in if you need some. We also have a beautiful store sample made from voile. I am thinking of making one from our cotton velveteen for chilly days.
Happy Sewing, Anita.