Thursday, December 5, 2013

Twenty Days to Christmas

Oh yeah, I am a bit stressed. I need to make 8 stockings by Christmas eve. This wouldn't be such a feat but my son started his wrestling season (senior year) and I am spending every Saturday and most Wednesday evening biting my nails off at meets.

This gorgeous stocking is what I hope to emulate, a versions of it. This one was made by our own Mary Dugan of Molly Flanders. She's been teaching folks to make these beauties. We still have a spot or two left in her December 9th stocking class.

Jim wants a traditional stocking, white fur and all. I'll use a red dotted fabric and will have to scrounge some white fur somewhere. I'll use the Suzy Ultman doll fabric to make Camilla and Aelyn stockings. Esther will get the beef cake! I want one for me out of the Charley Harper and what about April? I'll check my stash. And for Karl? The blue Santa fabric will work for him. Below is for Ricky (my wrestler)...

An early snow storm may get me to stay home and sew tomorrow. Happy Holidays and...
Go Whetstone Braves Wrestling Team!! 


Sharon said...

You got your wish for snow, Anita! (-:
Happy sewing.

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Steven Lewis said...

What are some good fabric stores that you would recommend? My wife wants to take up sewing as a hobby. Do you have any tips or tricks that can help her get started on the right path?

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