Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hello, long time no blog! / Washed and ready to SEW

Hey friends! It has been far too long since my last post... over a month... wow, how time flies. There has been lots of great things keeping mom (Anita) and I busy.
The most notable is our newly walking shoppe girl. My daughter, our darling Aelyn, started walking about a month ago and has had me running ever since. Therefore, I haven't had much time to sit down and blog. And it certainly doesn't help that every time I pull up to the computer my little munchkin waddles over to me, points to the screen and sputters "baybay, baybay" witch means she would like to sit on my lap and watch baby videos of herself :) Sooooo cute! but not at all productive.
Here's one of the most recent videos I've taken... Check out those facial expressions, so silly.

Other than that we've both (Anita and I) been busy on our machines. My mom has sewn several new samples for the store and just finished an awesome cape, sorry no pictures, you'll just have to stop by the shoppe and see it. As for me, I finally finished a pillow project for my dear friend Tracy and can't wait to start my next little project. The beautiful fibers have already been washed and are longing to be cut and sewn . . . .
"Nouveau Bouquet" in rose, from Anna Maria's Drawing Room and a gorgeous red cotton velveteen. mmmm... yummy!!!

. . . more on that soon to come (and I promise not to leave you waiting a whole month this time).

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figgys said...

about time! i was about to start stalking you :) We've missed you!
Great shots of Aeyln. She is blossoming and beautiful. See you soon! NO NEW FABRIC MAKES SHELLY A DULL GIRL!!!