Friday, October 24, 2008

Tokyo Mishap turns Reversible Gift Tote

Well as for the adorable combo I shared with you yesterday... I set out to make the "Tokyo Tie Bag" feature in S.E.W - Sew Everything Workshop, by Diana Rupp (great book!). My mother is teaching this bag in her class "Sew What?" (for young sewers, teens - twenty-ish) and I am to be her assistant. This Saturday, Oct. 25th will mark the debut of this class, and I wanted to have my own bag stitched together in advance...I planned to alter mine slightly, to be reversible. The original pattern teaches a French seam for the bottom of the bag and although it has a nice clean look from the inside, when turned out it's not quite right.
So my reversible method worked out great but while focusing on this quality I accidentally stitched my bottom seams in the wrong direction, ending with the ties directly in front and seams on either side. The result, while not what I was going for, is very sweet. I think it would make a great reversible gift tote for that extra special touch.

The bonus is that it went together super quick. I think I'll attempt it again tonight only with the seams in front as Diana intended.

Oh also... while I'm here I must share the newest arrival.
Delivered just today - Michael Miller Organics. Absolutely luscious! The feel of these new fabrics is indescribably soft. I just love the sweet neutrals of the Gingham and large Herringbone Check. We had to hold ourselves back from unrolling the whole bolt of fleece and wrapping ourselves in it. That would have been fun... :)
Till next time,


Kunklebaby said...

YAY-Organic! I need to come by and get some of these!

I have not been by awhile and I look longingly at the shop everytime I drive by.--at night when your closed :(

Jennifer Paganelli said...

I love it it all grateful to be a part of the shop this blog makes me want to be there already...Jennifer