Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Not a word I often use, but an excellent way to describe how these recently received threads make me feel.
We were very happy to find out we could get these super awesome Echino Scooters back into the Shoppe. Often with the Japanese fabrics we order there is a very limited availability and many times we can't reorder them. But this Etsuko Furuya lady is in high demand and seamsters must have raved enough to get 'em to give us* some more!
*by "us" I mean the sewing world at large, not just us, we're not that special... at least not yet anyway. :)
In addition to getting the Scooters back we also ordered in this beautiful airplane block print. The retro color combos and cheater cloth style of this print had me instantly falling in love....

ohhh so yummy... what will we make from you?...

Also we should have another one or two Echino prints coming. One of which is an amazing retro, stenciled car, stamp type print that I cant wait to play with. I'll be sure and share that one too.

But getting back to the topic of whats in the shoppe right now... our Mr. UPS man dropped off several more Alexander Henry prints, some lovely Denyse Schmidt fabric, Anna Maria fabrics and some other goodies that you'll just have to come in to see!

Oh but wait!!! I can't believe I almost forgot! .... Anna Maria Horner's new patterns are here! Four total - a skirt, a dress and two bags. The designs are exquisite, the pattern photos are drool worthy and even the shipping had charm as the whole stack was safely wrapped in a tissue paper dress pattern and sealed with her signature sticker. I didn't take any pictures of these but perhaps I'll share some in the near future, as well as photos of the dress that Mom has nearly completed.


The Martineaus said...

Actually, in scooter-speak it might be "two-stroked" instead of "stoked" but that's awesome indeed!

megan v said...

Oooh I love that patchwork fabric!! I NEED that!!! In order to continue living. Ya know??? ;)

I have just discovered you, Sew to Speak, and am so excited. I live in Columbus and have just finally discovered you. Why did it take me so long?!

I wrote a blog post about your beautiful store today and thought I'd share it with you!!!

I can not wait to meet you and explore the store this weekend! I'm bringing friends who are also hungry for fabric. :)

Elizabeth J. said...

Love these fabrics!