Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Classes

Just a quick note to let you know we have many wonderful classes this spring.
Above is a photo of just one class sample you can find hanging in the Shoppe... to view our full list of classes look to the right hand column on this page, and scull down a bit. We have something for every style and skill level. If weekday evenings don't work we have weekend classes too.
Interested? You can stop by Sew To Speak - 4610 N. High Street, call us at (614)267-3011 or e-mail Anita at

Your Shoppe Blogger,
April Rhodes

P.S. The Shoppe Birthday party was an awesome success!
Big thanks to everyone that made it out! We had a FULL house, you can check out a few more pic's of the party here. They where all taken in the first 15 minutes after opening... thats about all the free time we had that day :)


Erin said...

Oh, I'm sad I didn't know about the party.. and missed it. :(

I'll have to look into some weekend classes. I am definitely a beginner. My little sewing machine is still sitting in the box it came in.

That bag is so sweet. :) And I am loving the teepee, although not sure that's how you spell it..

Cristin said...

Yay for new fabrics! I snapped up a new paisley print from Alexander Henry as your mom was pulling it out of the shipping box :-) The party was great too! Glad I found your shop!

And here's a few pics of the finished baby shower gift made from that "Sloane Paisley" print:

Tracy said...

My daughter really wants to join the spring classes! in fact we went to your store today! Remember my daughters name is Rowan! I will be looking in on those classes!

Jennifer Paganelli said...

love your shop picture..where are you located??

April Rhodes said...

Thanks Jennifer! We are located in Clintonville, a charming neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio.
4610 North High St. Columbus, Ohio, 43214.
If you want more specific directions you can click on our sign toward the top of our blog in the right hand column.