Monday, July 6, 2009

For the love of gauze

After some hesitation toward working with what I assumed would be a fussy or delicate fabric, I have come to the conclusion that double gauze is absolutely amazing!
This stuff is just gorgeous. It is not a bit fussy. Light and airy, while not too shear, perfectly designed for wearing in warm weather. It's unbelievably soft and available in the dreamiest of prints, specifically those by Nani Iro, Heather Ross and Echino.
Yep, I've fallen in love! again.

Double gauze is, as it's name implies, two layers of gauze fabric. Created by the brilliant textile industry of Japan, this fabric is wonderfully breathable and made to be worn in the hot summer months. The two layers of gauze are held together by row upon row of teeny, evenly spaced stitches. These tiny connecting stitches are practically invisible on the right side of the fabric, but when you look closely at the reverse you can just barely see the continuous grid that they create.Though designed specifically for use in clothing, double gauze is also stunning and luxurious when used in quilts, simple blankets and other linens. Because, like I mentioned before, it is unbelievably soft!
I think that if I were expecting I'd make a dozen receiving blankets and burp cloths to pamper my baby in waiting.
Mmmmm... I can just imagine swaddling a brand new little one in this sweet speckled print and smelling that new baby smell...

But while I'm not expecting I'll just have to make stuff for myself and my awesome little toddler.
Dresses and skirts and bloomers oh my!!!
I'd even make sheets for my king size bed if my husband would approve of the splurge.
I'll be honest, double gauze is usually pricier then your typical cotton print due to the additional layer of fabric, the more time and labor intensive manufacturing process and of coarse the fact that it's an import.
However in my opinion, it is worth every penny...
...and if you have not yet touched the luxury that is double gauze, you'll have to come in and feel it for yourself! :)
'till next time,

Oh p.s. Take a look at this lovely dress in a double gauze print form Echino's newest line (made my beautiful mom, Anita).


Jill Elaine said...

your making me drool even more! I'm madly saving my pennies and when I finally get there, watch out! I'm feeling shopping and fabric deprived!!

Cristin said...

I stopped in last night and browsed thru all the new double gauze! It really is soft! I had a few other things to purchase but NEXT time... its on my list for sure!

Erin said...

I thought you were going to say you were pregnant April! That double gauze is nice. I have some cut out to make a shirt.

Amanda said...

I've been eyeing these online for weeks! So glad you got them in...I stopped in and picked up mine up today, now I just have to pick the perfect project for such lovely fabric...

Lindsey said...

Beautiful!!! I can't wait until my machine is working again so I can have an excuse to buy some of this loveliness!!!

Candice said...

Can you recommend Somewhere online where I can purchase the double gauze? I would love to make something with it and would like a good recommendation of where to buy it. Thanks!