Tuesday, December 29, 2009

And the winners are....


Jack by Amanda Sasikirana


Midge by Ann Marie Jones


Molly Mouse by Mary Dugan

It was a really stiff competition! Thanks to all our wonderful participants!
Your meeses were all so cute and unique. We've loved having each and everyone of them. And just to say thanks we have a special little gift for all of you so be sure to take your envelope when you pick up your mouse. :)


Nita said...

Oh! They are all so adorable. How did you ever choose. Squeak! Squeak!

Dempsey said...

Congratulations to the winners! I am sure you guys all were loving and careful in creating your mice and I'm sure it paid off! My own little artist mouse named Clotilde got his picture taken so that makes my day! I can't wait till next year! Thanks Sew to Speak for having the contest!

April Rhodes said...

Nita- Thank goodness we didn't have to :) It would not have been posable!
The winners were chosen by votes from customers.

Dempsey- I just LOVE Clotllde.
And like I said it was an extremely close race Clotilde took 4th by only a few votes.

amanda said...

yay! I will pick up jack in a few days :)

Cristin said...

Congrats to Amanda on winning 1st place! ALL the mice were adorable! :-) Too fun!