Thursday, January 7, 2010


The other evening my husband was glancing over my fabric stash (which by the way is nothing compared to some I've seen.. or at least that's what I tell myself...) with an "mmm hmm" sound and you know that sort of face, insinuating that perhaps I have too much.

Too much?!?!


Are you kidding me?

but... well, maybe some of it could stand to be sewn up...

And then a spark was lit.

A little scrap buster! Yes, that's what I'll do.

I'll make something using bits and pieces of what I've been storing away and then he'll certainly see why I need more!!!


So that photo up there is a glimpse of the project I've started.

And here's a glimpse of my camera loving cat. He feels the need to help out with all of my photo shoots and sewing projects.

I'll share the full project and how-to soon.

'Til then,


Sarah said...

The EXACT same thing happened to me last night as I was straightening up my fabric after the holiday craziness.

My 3 year old is letter obsessed so, I'm excited to see the finished project.

Cristin said...

Husbands just don't get it, do they.
Well I don't get their obsession with 24" LCD computer monitors either. So we're even ;-)
Love the letters, can't wait to see more!

janelle said...

I love your "scrap" project!!! Can't wait to hear about what else you've been working on... :)

Erin said...

I'm doing some scap busting myself. My scraps won't fit in the basket they live anymore, so I'm trying to come up with ways to get rid of some of it. I love what I see of your project so far. Can't wait to see more.

figgys said...

This is terrific! Always impressive April.

Anonymous said...

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trish at Two Peas in a Pod Homegrown Designs said...

OMG! Your cat is hilarious! Don't they always do that?! Never around when you want to snuggle but right there in your face any other time - too funny! I could use a good scrap buster. My scraps have outgrown their bin, filled a huge bag...and a box. {sigh}

Pink Daisys Blog Spot said...

OMG, I just found your blog and then your site and your store is just BEAUTIFUL!!!! I live in Cincinnati and I may have to drive up there one day this spring and so some shopping and visit.. I just love it all! I hope you don't mind if I mention you on my blog..
Love it all!

Allanya said...

Was this project ever posted? I can't seem to find it.