Thursday, January 21, 2010


... man, it sure takes me awhile some times.

Lately I've felt as if I'm going in a dozen different directions, doing half-a-dozen jobs (none of them to the utmost), and all while trying to keep my house clean. Yikes!  :)

Sorry for the delay on my stash buster project. I'll admit I prematurely previewed.

However, the "Alphabet Wall Hanging" is now in it's finishing stages and though it has taken me some time, it really is a very simple and fun project.

Finally, to buy myself some time, I've included a bit of eye candy:
   Here are some of our fun new prints from Michael Miller. They came through the door just yesterday.

I'll try n' blog ya again soon!


1 comment:

andrea creates said...

Love the toadstools :)