Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Busy busy... and Market Bound!

Two very big things happening this week.

Number One: My daughters first year of preschool is coming to a close. Tomorrow is her very last day. Although she's only been going twice a week, this feels like a really big deal. I have fallen in love with her teachers and all her little classmates and and I just don't want it to change... not one bit.
This change represents so many things. She'll have completed her first year of school! She will officially be on her first summer vacation. Last week she was telling me how tiny she was and this week she's saying, "I'm growing up." She is growing up!
I'm torn between my sentimental feelings of thinking, "Oh, my little cutie's growing up so fast!" and increasing feelings of panic when I think, "What are we gonna do all summer?" and "When am I gonna find time to SEW?!"
Oh my...

... I'll just have to search for those answers later...
because the second big thing happening this week is:


Mom and I have been looking forward to this since last year!!!! I Am so excited I can hardly stand it. I'm trying hard not to overwhelm myself with wishful lists of garment sewing I'd like to accomplish before we leave. We depart very early Friday morning and will be in Minneapolis until Sunday afternoon. In all honesty I'll only need to pack two or three ensembles, plus whatever I wear Friday, and I certainly have enough clothes to pack, but my mind has been spinning with ideas of cute skirts and dresses I could make from all of the amazing designers fabrics. It's not as if I'm going to change skirts in between booths, just so I can be wearing something made from everyones line when I meet them. Ha. How hilariously stalkerish would that be?!
That reminds me of last years market and this post in which my mom first labeled me a "fabric designer stalker", which I must say I am NOT. I just really wanted my picture taken with Brandon. Thats all. That's not stalking, is it?

Can't wait to share pictures with you all.

'til then.

P.S. The photo's included have no direct relation to this post. Just wanted to give you a little fabric love. All prints are new arrivals via the brilliant Alexander Henry.

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Kirsten said...

My eldest is also completing his first year of big, I still can hardly believe I'm a mother, much less a mother of a preschool grad, lol! Have fun at the show...I'm a newbie sewer so I don't really know all that this holds for you, but it sounds like much sewing goodness is coming your way!