Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Brandon, You don't know us but we know you!

I just have to tell you that April is a "fabric designer stalker." She chased a group of designers from Westminster (Amy Butler, Valeri Wells, Jane Sassaman) up the escalator. Here she is seen as she finally catches up to Brandon Mably (he's sporting a shirt made out of "Fish Lips").
He was flattered and we had fun being goofs.
I am excited for our new fabric picks to arrive in the shoppe. They should be trickling in all summer. We did not get to see Amy Butler's new because it is not ready yet but she confirmed that it will be ready in August. She was inspired by her travels to Bali, England and India and we anticipate a lovely new collection along with Belle and Lotus favorites coming back next year in a "classics collection."
We had a great time at Quilt Market. I especially loved being with April for two whole days. Not only is she great at picking fabric, she is kind and loving and fun. I couldn't run the shoppe without her.

Posted by Anita Bowman


Julie said...

what a great 'stalk'! I just picked up one of his knitting books at the library yesterday...he's very popular with the knitter, you know.

really enjoyed your post on the fabric convention!

Erin said...

Oh, my heart just flutters thinking about Amy Butler. :) We lived in Granville for a year and I had dreams of running into her and becoming best friends.. ha! It never happened though. :( Sounds like you guys had a fun time!

April Rhodes said...

Ha!... thanks mom! I had so much fun with you too.
But you left out the part where YOU yelled "BRANDON!!!!!" and he spun around like a top, probably wondering who the heck we were :)

Cristin said...

Well it sounds like ya'll had a great time! Can't wait to stop in and check out your new fabrics! Yay!