Monday, April 4, 2011

Beautiful woman and gifts for Baby.

As many of you already know we are expecting another shoppe baby. Due very soon (ANY DAY NOW) is my second little girl, Camilla.
With both of my babies I've been so blessed by the wonderfully crafty and talented women in my life. Handmade gifts are the greatest!!

Just last week the ladies of the shoppe took me out to one of my favorite local restaurants for a before baby dinner. We sat and ate and shared stories about birth and they gave the most gorgeous gifts for baby!

Janelle, who arranged the whole evening, made a sweetly embroidered sack that held precious knit baby leg warms to warm her chubby baby legs this fall

Emily made the baby fun nesting baskets that the big sister is already trying to claim! She says the baby can carry the littlest ones and she'll carry the bigger two and they'll go shopping! :)

Sheila gave us those supper cute patchwork blocks, that Aelyn is also playing with, stacking up and knocking down. I can see my two girls having lots of fun with these... AV says she'll teach the baby how to build. 

And Mary made us the fox quilt I've longed for since seeing her first one that now hangs in the shoppe as a sample of the class she teaches.

Thank you all a million times over! If my emotion doesn't come through in this post please know that I cried when I got home and shared your creations with Jeff. You are truly beautiful woman.

My love to you all,


Beth said...

Lovely gifts all! Congrats!

LittleBlueFeather said...

Oh my! I looove the quilt!