Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back In the Bouncer

Camilla, 4 weeks old tomorrow and already well acquainted with the workplace. There she is below. Sleepin on the job!

I know it's seems soon but after dropping her big sister off at preschool I can't help but head straight for the shoppe. I pretend to work (while accomplishing little more than diaper changes and nursing.)
Really, I just want to stay connected, say hello to the mailman, chat with the girls, watch the new deliveries roll in, order more fabric and dream of the day I'll sew again.

Mostly we sit in the back corner. Baby Cami on my lap, hiding behind my computer screen. Honestly, she's so quiet that I think many customers don't even realize she's there!

Anyways, since I'm pretty sure we'll be continuing with this routine (that is as long as the babe is content) I picked up a bouncy chair to keep at the shoppe.

I hope to eventually slipcover it with something a little more "Sew To Speak," but it works just fine for now.
Though, wouldn't this little Japanese print make a cute bouncer cover? with the red and pink dot for the trim and bar...

Yeah. Maybe I'll sew that someday.

Meanwhile I wanna see/hear about what you're sewing!!
Comment, Facebook or Flickr... show me the cool stuff you're making and help keep me connected ;)

Thanks blog friends!


Jodie E Gollings said...

Will you and Camilla be in the store tomorrow? I have a need to come by the store but would love to come when you're there to say "hello."

:) Jodie (Ronan and Leo's Mama)

April Rhodes said...

Yay! Hey Jodie!!!
We most likely wont be in tomorrow, but definitely Friday AM from 10-12 while Aelyn's at school... Hope that works for you. We'd love to see you too!

Patchwork and Play said...

What a beautiful baby! And yes, that fabric would make a wonderful cover!

Joanna said...

I love that fabric with the squirrels, where did you find it?

Anita Bowman said...

We have it at Sew To Speak, 4610 N. High St. Col, Ohio. You can call the shoppe and we can ship it to you if you want... 614-267-3011.

Cristin said...

Awww Cami is a doll! Can't wait to meet her when I stop in next :-) Eli needs another girlfriend anyhow! haha
Congrats my dear!

Kunklebaby said...

She is so beautiful! Congrats to mama, big sis and grandma! :D