Friday, May 20, 2011

Fabric Friday - Recent Arrivals

As you may have already heard (here or here) we were BOMBED with boxes this week!!! And those great boxes were loaded with new fabric!
Because of this I thought I'd give you a little look-see at what's come in. Most of these are fresh off the truck while others have been in for a little bit but I hadn't shared them with you yet so here they are.

New Michael Miller dots, ginghams, bikes and bunting!!

Alexander Henry owl Christmas prints, fun snails and flowers, festive donkeys and manly pin-ups [blushing]. 

Robert Kaufman's Pups in Pickups, Appleville and Just Dandy Flowers. 

Plus we also received a bunch of new apparel fabrics including silks, knits, linens chambray and more.

Happy Fabric Friday!!



Amanda said...

I have to stop by next week and check out the new goodies!

Patchwork and Play said...

The dots and bunting are my favourites! Please don't take this the wrong way- but who would buy that 'pin-ups' fabric??:-)

April Rhodes said...

P&P: LOL! There are those who do.
We even have customer come to us specifically for that silly stuff.

Yelena's Nest said...

I totally love the owls prints! So adorable!!

andrea creates said...

wish i were closer-i'll have to plan a trip soon!