Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lions and Tigers

animal prints aren't just for the nursery ;)
I really like my new lions and tigers tank!! This fabric could make so many awesome things.. a dress, a skirt, an infinity scarf... it reads as an abstract print at first but then it has that quirky charm.. gotta love it!

Happy Saturday! 


Anonymous said...

Definitely agree. I've yet to make a pocket tank but think it works really well with modern quirky prints like this. Definitely not just for kids!

Trudy said...

Love that fabric!! What a cute idea to *wear* the lions and tigers!!

Meg the Grand said...

LOVE the fabric, and love the style of the tank! So fabulous and fun :)

Anonymous said...

Do you know where I could get a pattern for a tank like that (preferably free)?


April Rhodes said...

This is a Wiksten Tank, a downloadable PDF.. not free but very worth the money. You can find it on their site if you just google search "Wiksten patterns".

Carolyn From Brother Simplicity SB7050E Sewing Machine said...

Gotta love those animal prints! It makes one feel young. :) -Carolyn

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