Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Staple Dress is coming...

Mary in the Staple dress by April Rhodes

We are just days away from having a printed pattern. How many days? I still don't know and I'm her mother!! I stopped asking April when we would get patterns weeks ago because of the added stress to her... she has been working with the printer for 2 months to get it just right for us. She has been working day and night while taking care of two very active girls. I know her girls are very busy because I watched them yesterday. I left the very innocent two year old, Camilla for just a moment and returned to find her with black permanent marker and one of my books. Later I saw that she left some "art work" on my linen pillow sham. I will adore the marks on my sham as it reminds me of darling Camilla.

But the pattern is coming... Stay tuned for the exact day. Do you follow us on Facebook or Instagram? You may get the news quicker if you do.

Lastly, I have to say how very proud I am of April. I've always known she had style. Now she gets to share that style with us through her patterns. Please send April loving thoughts as we wait out the last days until the patterns arrive in the mail. I pre-orded 100 to sell here at the shoppe. I know you'll want one.

See you soon,

ps... April is staying up into the wee hours working on two more patterns. I can't wait!