Saturday, August 3, 2013

Allow Me To Brag...

People ask, "Aren't you amazed at April's recent accomplishments?" And I answer, "No." For one thing she has been working her ass off. Secondly, I honestly knew this girl would do beautifully creative things with style and I had a hunch it would be in the fashion industry. When she was little she would dress herself in little well-put-together outfits, comfortable but with a unique flair. One of my favorite ensembles was a pair of blue jeans that fit snug and cropped at the ankle put together with a blouse that that tied at the waist and black patten leather shoes (we called them clappy shoes because the sweet sound they make when walking on a hard floor). She was styling then as she is still. This is her just released second pattern, The Date Night Dress. Her good friend Daria is modeling below. This one is made from Anna Maria Horner's rayon (none left in the shoppe but I will reorder it on Monday).

 Daria is a stunning model.

The Date Night Dress pattern is available as a PDF but soon this will be April's second printed pattern. Nice going Girl. I am soooo proud of you and I am bragging to everyone!!


April Rhodes said...

Thank you so much Mom!!! you are my greatest supporter and I will forever be grateful for your faith in me! I love you.

jbsews said...

I love this! The sleeve detail is beautiful. Well done. This is now on my wishlist for purchase. :)

stufenzumgericht said...

I've sewn April's Staple Dress in the 2 different Versions (one for me, one for my future daughter in law) my niece has yet sewn the Staple Dress and we all love it! No doubt, that I had to order Aprils new pattern, can't wait to start sewing and me as a mom myself cand understand, how proud you must be!!!

Michele said...

I am about to sew the staple dress for the first time. Simply adore the look of the Date Night Dress, I do hope it is out in paper soon, because I cannot be doing with all that pdf sticking stuff together business. I hope April has more designs for us soon! Michele.

Italian Homes for Rent said...

WOW! Looking so gorgeous...

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